Houston Stars started out as a small 6 team club.  This small team environment made it possible to build a family atmosphere that isn’t present today’s big club environments.  Although we have continued to grow to almost 40 teams in two locations, we still emphasize a strong family environment and strive to be a place where Student-Athletes and parents want to be connected to and grow. 

Parent Testimonials

Stars seems to be the one club that has some heart to it.. that seems to care genuinely about all the girls...

Greg Butler


Our daughter came not knowing any of the girls on her team and the coaches all really pushed each other to become not just a good team and good players but good teammates with one another

Skip Redd


Player Testimonials

"What i love about stars, its what first made volleyball fun for me"



What I love about stars is the supportive coaching and how they get you out of your comfort zone..